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Life Sabers stemmed from the need to provide Australian Rock Fishermen with safety and convenience.

The SLSA National Coastal Safety Report 2019 showed that 

122 deaths' occurred from coastal and ocean drowning incidents. Of that 122 fatalities 87% were male.


In May 2020 Rock Fishing was reported as Australia's most deadliest sport. Along with Statistics reporting that 3 in 4 Rock Fishermen can not swim! Whilst wearing a life jacket can help , for those that cannot swim, not so much.


Life Sabers comes in now, to help close that danger for Rock Fishermen. Our products are reusable, washable, sun & salt resistant, made from the strongest of supplies, and of course in various Hi-Vis Colour options. 


Our Goal

We want to save lives!

Graeme & Jason first began their goal of saving Rock Fisherman lives, about 5 years ago today. 

Jason nearly got washed away in Catherine Hill Bay NSW, and that's where his idea stemmed from.

Not long afterwards Jason, met Graeme, also a fellow Rock Fisherman and Roofing Contractor. 

Graeme had a similar goal

"To save rock Fisherman's lives".

From there they began there research and development to provide a restraint system for Rock Fisherman.  They have also manufactured hi-visibility fishing accessories, such as a Pilly/bait pouch and a hands-free fish grip and plier holder. You can view the rest of their fishing accessories by clicking the button below.

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